Fast & Accurate Certified FHA & VA Termite Inspections in Las Vegas

VA termite inspections are extremely time sensitive. Termites Las Vegas can typically deliver your required VA termite inspection within 48 hours. Before an individual can utilize their VA benefits, the Department of Veteran Affairs require that a wood-destroying insect, or termites, inspection be performed to ensure there is no active infestation. The want to be certain that whether you are the buyer or the seller, that the home is a good buy and a solid investment. If the home is damaged or there is existing infestation, the value of the home will drop dramatically.

Termites Las Vegas Specializes in FHA and VA Required Termite Inspections

Part of the requirements for both the VA and FHA is a home inspection for wood destroying insects, such as termites. The purchase of a home is a large investment and should be protected. In most cases, we can complete your termite inspection the same day. Our certified technicians are friendly professional and efficient. Any damage we discover will be reported with a recommended action plan. Once complete, we will supply you or the relevant parties with the necessary documents certifying your termite pest inspection and that the home passed inspection.  In recent years, Las Vegas home lenders are more stringent on the termite portion of the home inspection, or WDI inspection.  By requiring a thorough inspection, they are guarding the value of the loan.

Certified VA Termite Inspections Delivered in 48 Hours

In order to properly demonstrate the value of a property to a buyer, seller, or lender, a professional termite inspection should be performed by a state certified contractor. Each property is unique and VA inspections requirements vary. We have the experience to quickly and accurately help you secure your home If you are requiring a termite inspection before you can take advantage of your VA home buyer benefits trust in our team of termite specialists to protect your investment.  We understand that a certified VA termite inspection is time sensitive for the home buyer and seller which is why we strive for speed, accuracy and efficiency. All necessary certified documents will be provided to you after we complete your VA or FHA required pest inspection. We have worked with real-estate agents and mortgage brokers across the Las Vegas valley. Call Termites Las Vegas to schedule your certified VA termite inspection.

Accurate & Reliable Termite Inspection Reports for Buyers and Sellers

We will inspect the interior, exterior, attic and crawlspaces in and around the home. If we do detect an active termite infestation, or any other pest for that matter, we will discuss your treatment options and help you choose the termite treatment that is best for your situation. Our number one priority is protecting your home or property and insuring there is no existing infestation. Feel confident that your home purchase is secure and call Termites Las Vegas to schedule your VA inspection today. Termite inspections start at $69 with documents delivered.

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