Treatment & Commercial Pre-treats for Termites in Las Vegas

Termite Pest Management Solutions

Las Vegas has had a major termite issue for a long time now. The southwestern desert climate is home to the subterranean termite, whose voracious appetite for local Las Vegas homes and properties has caused billions of dollars in damage. On occasion the infestation is so deep that irreparable damage has been done to the point of fully compromising the structure.

Termite Damage Reaches Record Figures in Southern Nevada

Termites are incredibly common in southern Nevada and our team has over 20 years of experience applying effective safe termite treatments and pretreats. If you are seeking pre-construction treatments, simply give us a call for your free quote or to answer any questions you may have.

With over 20 years of local Las Vegas residential & commercial treatment, you can rely on our technicians to apply the best in termite management solutions to protect your investment. We offer inspections for single family homes as well as commercial properties and real estate developments as well as property management associations.

Residential & Commercial Termite Pretreats

Termites dwell and begin the attack on our homes and places of business from underground. They start beneath and around the perimeter of the structure and begin eating their way through. We specialize in residential and commercial termite pretreatment that you can depend on. Protect your property from Day One by scheduling a termite inspection or a commercial termite pretreat. Your home or property is an amazing investment that should be protected just like any other asset. The last thing you want is to buy or build the Las Vegas home of your dreams only to be eaten away by the destructive force of desert termites.


Here are signs of termites that you can look out for:

  • Creaky Unsteady Floors, Floor Shifting, or Ceiling Cracks
  • Dust in window sills or around window seams and doorways
  • Termite wings accumulating in the corners or cracks of the home
  • Certain areas will seem like it has strangely experienced water damage